The Real Chernobyl Ep. 3: Hidden Facts You Didn't See in Chernobyl HBO |☢ OSSA Exclusive

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The third episode of our Chernobyl documentary! Chernobyl disaster happened in 1986 and after HBO Chernobyl miniseries world interest turned it's attention to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster back. How is it in Ukraine, Chernobyl now? Why Soviet Union made all those horrible disions that were shown in HBO Chernobyl 2019 miniseries? How Does Pripyat look now? How does exclusion zone looks like now? What does the Red Forest look like? What Chernobyl animals live there? Any mutated chernobyl animals? Wanna know HBO's Chernobyl vs Reality differences? What is true about Chernobyl? These and many more questions are answered in our Chernobyl real footage documentary videos. I'm visiting Chernobyl now to find all the answers for you. What Chernobyl animals live in the Red Forest? Find out about HBO Chernobyl accuracy. See the real Chernobyl in our series! Footage from drones was given by #Chernobyl #TheRealChernobyl #OSSA

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