30km survival zone: Chernobyl ★ GamePlay ★ Ultra Settings

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Feeling of guilt scares...

After the Chernobyl accident around the city and for many kilometers around, an exclusion zone arose in which it became impossible to live. There were no monsters or inexplicable anomalies, everything was simpler - because of radiation, people who tried to get in there simply died. There were madmen who tried, but not one attempt was successful - if a person did not coward, then he disappeared.

This story is not about a man who tried to penetrate Chernobyl, but about a man who survived the disaster, and who is trying to live an ordinary life. During the evacuation, he lost his sister, and now, after many years, he received a letter from the exclusion zone. A letter from my sister that is still waiting for him there ...

- Intriguing storyline.

- The frightening atmosphere of an abandoned city.

- You will have to make difficult, balanced decisions to come to terms with your past.

- Spooky atmospheric sound recorded manually.

- The ending is up to you.

In future updates:

- The system of changing day and night

- System of tree felling

- Building system

- Full story game mode

Core i5-4690K (4400 Ghz)
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2
16 Gb TEAM DDR3-2400 2x8GB
27"AOC e2795Vh
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